How Good Teacher You Are?

How Good Teacher You Are?

How Good Teacher You Are?

Answer only 50 MCQs and know how good teacher you are.

These fundamental questions are backbone of pedagogy (Science of Teaching). Greater the scores you secure, greater the grade you deserve. However, here is a key that can help you to judge your qualification for being a teacher. Taking help from search engines is not allowed. Your data and answers would not be disclosed to any platforms.

More than 90% = Outstanding
81% to 90 %     = Very Good
71% to 80%      = Good
61% to 70%      = Not Bad
51% to 60%      = Poor
Below 51%        = Bad

The Quiz is composed of 10 sections comprising of 5 questions each. You can complete the quiz in 10 sittings. After completing the Quiz press the submit button. You can see your answers and result just after submitting the Quiz. A copy of your answers would be mailed to your email address entered.

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