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Islamic School System

Digital Education Program is a digital curriculum for Kindergarteners devised by Sajid Mahmood Ansari, CEO Islamic Scientific Schools Pakistan.  In future it would be extended to the higher levels as well.
 This curriculum is not the sole bundle of textbooks, but it uses all the possible means of power teaching. It also offers an automated system for evaluation of learning rate, grades and awards.

For Principals/Teachers/Tutors

Our Digital Education Program is totally free for all school principals, teachers and tutors. You can join our free Digital Education Program by filling up this Registration form

Our Curriculum

Our Digital Education Program  has a specific curriculum, we are presenting the first year (KG 1) curriculum at first. A student can not take part in higher levels until he/she goes through this first year curriculum.
A typical kindergarten curriculum helps learners  build solid foundation in mathematics, language skills and basic science. However, we have added basic Islamic thoughts and practices to the curriculum.
The salient features of our Kindergarten Curriculum are as follows:
1. It makes learners to feel the presence of God Almighty Allah and profound love for Him. 
2. It teaches fundamental concepts in all the core subjects to help students meet learning objectives.
3. It provides plenty of opportunity for students to practice and achieve mastery.
4. It assesses the learning process continuously to gauge effectiveness of the program.
5. Allows flexibility so that students can work at their own pace in order to fully understand concepts and materials.
6. It includes activities that help the learners build important critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
7.  It presents Islam as a whole without affiliating to any specific school of thought.
8. It  proceeds in the following fashion:
  • Known to Unknown
  • Easy to Difficult
  • Specific to General

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